Breakfast & Blacktop special Breast Cancer Awareness edition

Delaware Valley Paving is pleased to get behind this worthy cause by making a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. every time a picture featuring this hat is tagged with Delaware Valley Paving on any social media platform within the month of October. Contact DVP today at and we’ll get your hats out to you right away. Together we can help to fight this horrible disease.

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Monday Morning Milling

Monday Morning Milling with Delaware Valley Paving at the Plymouth Meeting Metroplex for The Goldenberg Group Thank you to Carol DeLeon Ulrich for helping this project get going without a hitch.

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2019

Here are a few photos from the 2019 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event. We participate each year for this great cause. If you want to participate or find out more check out their website at:

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Find A Contractor Willing to Scope Your Project

This time of year, contractors are inundated with requests for proposals for repairs in their parking lots. Most times property managers are not sure of what exactly they want to do but want asphalt and concrete repairs completed throughout their industrial or residential complex. I recommend finding a contractor willing to take the time and prepare a “Scope of Work “and a comprehensive “Site Plan “that clearly identifies the locations, dimensions and what action will be taken. The proposed scope combined with a budget for the Paving or Concrete will help to determine what the customer wants to spend and what the owners/tenant’s expectations are. After the Scope of Work is agreed upon the plan can be used to get “competitive pricing”. If your vendor is unwilling to share the newly prepared scope so that the others are bidding the same job, find another contractor.

Below is an example of an asphalt paving job in Maryland with base repair. Notice that I identified the failed binder in the parking lot and the customer knows exactly what we are doing. There is no chance of a dispute with your contractor over what is going to be done. It is very important that the contractor include square yard quantities to avoid any misunderstanding

Below is a parking lot site plan in New Jersey that includes Concrete Curb and asphalt paving. The Macadam is being replaced over the entire surface in red and the concrete curb id high-lighted in blue. There could easily be a misunderstanding over where the curb replacement should stop at the site next door. 

When you ready to have commercial parking lot repairs done in Pa, NJ, De or Northern Md. Call Delaware Valley Paving

Is there value in asphalt crack filling?

During the recent heavy rain followed by 30-degree temperature swings.  The importance of crack-filling has become obvious. Frost heave is what damages the asphalt surface and if water is allowed to penetrate the surface and freeze the sub-base there will be a failure. Crack-filling will prevent this failure, but the effectiveness will be based on the product used and how it is applied.

Asphalt is a flexible material and as it reaches its life expectancy (20-30 Years) it loses its liquid asphalt content and becomes brittle. The rigid surface cracks instead of moving with the base and that is compounded by the moisture penetrating through the cracks. 

We recommend placing an elastic rubberized crack-fill material in the voids that allow movement of the paving by staying flexible while preventing penetration.  The operation is simple and cost effective. We clear and clean the parking lot.  Clean the cracks with compressed air to remove debris as needed. We buy a high-quality material, called Seal Master Crack Master Supreme, due to its high breakdown temperature and longevity.  Other vendors often use cheaper materials, including liquid asphalt that can become soft and track at temperatures as low as 100°F and loses its elasticity quickly. The material we use is shipped in blocks and is melted in an agitated direct fire melting pot.  The agitation is only used by a fraction of the vendors but is important for the material to flow into the voids. It also allows the material to become usable at a lower temperature and prevents tracking. The material is then poured into the void and then pulled by a squeegee to apply pressure and thin out the amount of surface material. 

Crack-filling is not recommended when the existing asphalt is “Alligatored” because it is normally sold by the linear foot and can vary from .50 to .75 cents depending on the quantity.  When the surface is completely shattered, we would recommend re-paving to replace the filed wearing course.   

2018 Christmas Party
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