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National Paving and Concrete Services

Paving requires considerable expertise. Both asphalt and concrete may look simple when they’ve dried, but behind that hard pavement is considerable science and technology that is required to make sure that everything from the mix to the installation to the cure time is perfect, as one small error introduces problems that can shorten the lifespan of your pavement over time.

Delaware Valley Paving is known throughout the nation as one of the most trusted names in commercial paving. We offer the highest quality service available, a wide range of solutions for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties of all sizes, and a level of customer service that few other national paving companies can match.

For asphalt, concrete, line striping, sealcoating, and more, make sure you call Delaware Valley Paving at (610) 983-0567 or fill out our online form and let’s schedule an appointment for your free estimate, or to answer your questions about our commercial paving process.



There is so much that goes into installing these flat surfaces. From the subgrade to the final design, every component has to be completed with absolute care for us to be able to guarantee that the design will last. With the right contractor, you can have an asphalt or concrete lot for 30, 40, even 50 years before it needs to be replaced, depending on maintenance. Our national pavement installation is backed by years of experience and a team that recognizes the needs of each project.


When something goes wrong with asphalt or concrete, it’s important to know not only how to make any patch repairs, but also how to diagnose the cause of the damage as well. Sometimes, the damage is cosmetic only, and a simple patchwork will be enough to hide it. Other times, the issue is more significant, and needs to be addressed to avoid more serious issues in the future. Because we have a complete understanding of the engineering of pavement, we can recognize what issues are at play and repair them in the way that will last the longest.


Every type of pavement will eventually reach an end. Our team provides everything from repaving the top later to demolition and removal to new asphalt and concrete, and we can provide the additional services like parking lot marking so that once we’re done your pavement is ready to be used.

Sealcoating & Maintenance

All materials benefit from ongoing maintenance. Asphalt especially benefits from sealcoating at regular intervals to help it maintain both its appearance and its strength. We’re available for all forms of commercial pavement maintenance, especially sealcoating, to extend the life of your property.


Line Striping

There are many situations in which new parking lot lines are needed, or the existing lines have faded and need to be refreshed. Delaware Valley Paving has a careful, efficient team that is ready to assist with line striping and related services. We also have more advanced “paint” options like thermoplastic lining that has better reflective properties and lasts longer.

Sign Installation & More

Commercial pavement is our specialty, and this type of pavement often has distinct needs. If you need signs installed, or you need curbing, or you need help determining how to be ADA complaint, Delaware Valley Paving is always ready to help, anywhere on the East Coast and throughout much of the United States.

What We Create For Commercial Clients in PA, NJ, DE, NY and More

We believe it’s important to have a focus, as that is what allows us to continue to look for new ways to improve our operations for more efficient services. It’s why we’ve chosen to specialize in commercial clients. Doing so has made it possible for us to focus on logistics, ensuring we can provide better speed and quality to each and every one of our clients.

But within the commercial space, we’ve worked with essentially all exterior pavement work. These include, but are not limited to:


Parking Lots

Parking lots are the most common requests we receive for our national pavement contractor services. We complete small parking lots for mom and pop stores and large, expansive parking lots for shopping malls, airports, universities, and business campuses. In each scenario, we try to cause as little inconvenience as possible while also completing the project on pace so that your organization can keep moving.


We’re available to partner with city and county services for roadway work. We also work with private contractors and developers for those that need roadways for their new construction projects. Our familiarity with line striping and sealcoating means that we can also assist with markings and maintenance to keep the road in safe condition.


We are able to pave walkways at parks, strip malls, city streets, and more. We can also provide custom concrete services to match a décor.

Loading Docks

Loading docks often have extra needs to make sure they can handle the ongoing, heavy weight. We’re familiar with all of those needs, and know how to level the pavement so that it’s safer and easier for loading and unloading the trucks.


Courts & More

If you need to create a paved basketball court, or need help creating a large patio for your hotel or restaurant dining area, we’re able to assist with all of these paving services and more.


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I don't believe that I could say enough good things about Delaware Valley Paving. They did a fantastic job, on a bit of an outside the norm project for Historic Yellow Springs. They were professional, responsive, wonderful to work with and the finished project is beyond our expectations.

Karen Walter

If you have a commercial parking lot I would highly recommend hiring DVP. Their staff is extremely professional and efficient.
Andrew Pfender