This time of year, contractors are inundated with requests for proposals for repairs in their parking lots. Most times property managers are not sure of what exactly they want to do but want asphalt and concrete repairs completed throughout their industrial or residential complex. I recommend finding a contractor willing to take the time and prepare a “Scope of Work “and a comprehensive “Site Plan “that clearly identifies the locations, dimensions and what action will be taken. The proposed scope combined with a budget for the Paving or Concrete will help to determine what the customer wants to spend and what the owners/tenant’s expectations are. After the Scope of Work is agreed upon the plan can be used to get “competitive pricing”. If your vendor is unwilling to share the newly prepared scope so that the others are bidding the same job, find another contractor.

Below is an example of an asphalt paving job in Maryland with base repair. Notice that I identified the failed binder in the parking lot and the customer knows exactly what we are doing. There is no chance of a dispute with your contractor over what is going to be done. It is very important that the contractor include square yard quantities to avoid any misunderstanding

Below is a parking lot site plan in New Jersey that includes Concrete Curb and asphalt paving. The Macadam is being replaced over the entire surface in red and the concrete curb id high-lighted in blue. There could easily be a misunderstanding over where the curb replacement should stop at the site next door.

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