What should a parking lot improvement proposal look like?

Each year in the late fall / early winter, the asphalt paving and concrete industry moves into the “bidding season”. This is a time to meet with property managers and other key decision makers in person at different locations within a portfolio to assess the current and long-term goals for the site. Improvements can range from small projects like upgrading ADA compliance and selecting areas of concrete sidewalk / curbing in need of replacement, to milling and paving an entire parking lot.

Because two projects are never identical, we find that meeting in person best serves both the customer and then vendor. Our process is to cover the entire area, take photos, document the immediate concerns of the client, and discuss future plans for improvement. All this information combined with a custom site map allows both DVP and the customer to end the meeting with a general scope of work in hand.
When putting together a final scope of work, Delaware Valley Paving dissects the job to make sure the clients are getting the best value.

A great example would be, in the process of milling and paving a parking lot there may be areas in need of deeper asphalt base repairs. Within our site map we will highlight those areas and give the customer a separate line item for those repairs, instead of waiting until on site and delivering the news in the form of change orders. We understand how important budgets are and do our best to provide the correct projects and the correct prices.

The time is now for “bidding season”…Please reach out to us and let us know how we can assist.


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